Team #7544 IZMIR GIRLS was founded in 2018 at IZMIR / GAZIEMIR by Gurkan LOKMAN mentor of team #7140 OKSEF which is winner of FRC 2018 ISTANBUL REGIOINAL. He saw there is no public school team from Izmir. So he collaborated tree large urban public schools to found the first public school team in Izmir. The main aim of team is “If you give a chance to girls, they can do everything.” “I don’t use kids to build robots. I use #robots to build kids.” – Dean Kamen
The three schools are Karabağlar Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School, Karabağlar Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Gaziemir Şehit Üsteğmen Murat Yıldız Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. From each school 3 girl / 1 boy members and 1 mentor registered to our team. Members are selected from disadvantaged group of students.
In our neighborhood girls are neglected all through their lives as a result both economical and cultural reasons. We intend to get rid of the inequality of these girls by accepting these girls in our team. We aim to build up personal and professional improvement for future. Also, we would like to show everyone what they can achieve when they are appreciated in society.
We registered to FRC 2018 Off Season Istanbul. We are working hard to prepare and show ourselves on this competition what we can do if we have a chance. We have already started to find sponsors and present what FIRST is mean and who we are.

What does mean FIRST for us?
Most of our members will experience a lot of things FIRST time in their life. Let’s see what our members said about FIRST after they learnt being a member of us?
It will be my FIRST time being a member of a team.
It will be my FISRT time on codding.
It will be my FIRST time to learn how robots are made.
It will be my FIRST time to register a competition.
It will be my FIRST time to go out of my city.
It will be my FIRST time to go out of my country…
As seem as FIRST means HOPE for us!

İzmir Girls 7544 Takım Tanıtım Dosyası